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Katy Rehm
The Pawfume Shop’s founder is a former vet nurse who stepped away from working in a small animal practice to set-up her own dog grooming business. She retrained and established Groomers, in Formby, near Liverpool, which she continues to operate alongside her duties as ‘general manager’ of The Pawfume Shop.

The brand initially grew through demand from other dog groomers but soon owners wanted to buy the products too, prompting direct sales through e-commerce websites and attendance at pet shows/events.

Katy found herself in 2017 hitting the headlines immediately following her debut at Crufts. Subsequently The Pawfume Shop products have been featured many times nationally in papers, magazines and online.

The Pawfume Shop was founded in 2015 following years of research to produce an exquisite range of doggy fragrances that mirror the designer perfumes we all love to use. 

From John Paw Gotea to Savage Doig, each variety of Pawfume replicates the complex scent profiles of leading perfume brands. 

Dog groomer and perfume lover Katy Rehm founded The Pawfume Shop after trying to find a long lasting “finishing product” to complete her grooming process. She wanted to maintain that salon finish freshness for longer but found the majority of dog grooming fragrances were very Limited. 

She found a ‘nose’, a perfume industry expert, who helped her identify the perfume profile of popular designer perfumes and produce a ‘recipe’ to balance the ingredients to mimic the human fragrances. 

Says Katy: “My aim was to create scents that I knew people would like and which would be safe to use on dogs. As a qualified groomer, it was important to create hypoallergenic products that would not trigger reactions in dogs prone to skin allergies.” To that end, Pawfume is made from cosmetic grade ingredients.  

Having created an initial range of four ‘pawfumes’ which proved so popular groomers started to request supplies for their own salons and The Pawfume Shop was born. Since the new fragrances and new products have been incorported into the range. 

New scents and extensions to the range have been developed. There are now more than 20 Pawfume Shop favourites – all based on their sound alike equivalents.  

Having begun as a side line, the company began to grow in its own right. Export to trade customers in Europe started in 2019. A complementary shampoo range was introduced in 2022 along with rinse out and leave in conditioning products and a new Eco range is being launched in 2023. This incorporates sustainable and recyclable materials within its packaging and contents. 

Hello from
German pointer Storm is The Pawfume Shop chief tester. She gets to try out all of Katy’s new creations before they go into production.

She loves toys, treats and long walks on the beach as well as smelling fabulous.